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The Dream

Drinking, and really liking our own wine is a dream come true. And the joy of sharing our wine with family and friends has inspired us to take the next step…we’re proud to announce the June Mountain Vineyard wine shop is open! We’re able to sell & ship to 36 states and Washington DC.

The Beginning

We bought raw land in 2013 and savored the first bottle of June’s Juice in 2018. We grew the grapes, we fermented and barreled the wine, and we tasted…and tasted…and blended…and tasted some more. You know us, you get the idea. And we’d like you to share in the bounty of June Mountain Vineyard.

We had lots of help: Vineyard Managers; Engineering Consultants; Earthmovers; Farmworkers; Winemakers; Lawyers; Firefighters; Realtors; Mentors and Neighbors. This enterprise is a labor of love that necessarily mutated into a business. We made all this wine and now we’re going to sell it–Whatever we don’t drink!

The Vineyard

Our grapes were grown with sustainable practices in Sonoma County’s Fountaingrove District, an AVA established in 2015. We worked with acclaimed winemaker Massimo Monticelli to craft premium wines ready for immediate consumption but also rewarding patience and optimum storage conditions. We want you to drink our wines and share them with your friends. We’d like to be your daily drinker and your default bottle to bring to a party. So we’re going to make it easy. Our list prices are a bargain, but join our mailing list to receive additional discount offers. And if we’re not able to ship to your state, it’s time to move.

The Terroir

We’re proud to have been one of the pioneering vineyards in the Fountaingrove District AVA. We planted 12 different varieties of grapes, eager to identify which would thrive in the well drained, rocky, cobbly soils characteristic of hillside vineyards like ours. We sold 95% of the grapes we grew, but one special acre near the top of June Mountain we kept for ourselves. This choice “Michael’s block”, reaches 1400 feet of elevation with views from Santa Rosa to Mount Tamalpais. In that block we planted rows of all the Bordeaux red varieties, plus Zinfandel, Syrah, and Sagrantino, a grape we discovered at lunch on a bicycle trip in Montefalco, Italy. We started making wine by co-fermenting all these varieties for our 2016 June’s Juice, then refined our style through several blends in 2017 and 2018, finally determining in 2019 that our Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel single vineyard wines truly exhibited the essence of June Mountain.

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